Grievance Policy

This is the official grievances and complaints procedure for internal and external stakeholders including those working on behalf of Page Protective Services (i.e. Security side of Page Group), its clients, members of the public, and any other relevant stakeholder.

Any of these stakeholders who believes that there are potential or actual non-conformances with Security Operations Management System (SOMS), or violations of international, national legislation and/or local law, or human rights, can lodge a complaint or file a grievance.

The aim is not to just document grievances but deliver a consistent, high-quality and accountable response to all kinds of complaints received by Page Protective Services Limited including identifying root causes, taking corrective and preventive action in a reasonably expeditious manner, evaluating effectiveness criteria and bringing continual improvement.

For more information please download the following three pdf forms for further information on who to file complaint or grievance:

Internal and External Complaint and Grievance

Written Complaint Form

Verbal Complaint Form

You will require Adobe Acrobat to read these forms – please download here if required: