Page Group was formed by a merger in July 2009 between Page Protective Services Ltd, an international security company, and EMCIIS Ltd which specialised in commercial intelligence and investigations. Both companies had previously combined their areas of expertise on numerous international projects.

We offer a spectrum of integrated risk management services within Investigations, Training and Security. Over the last 20 years our teams have served corporations, law firms, government entities and high net-worth individuals. Operating in complex business environments, high risk and hostile locations our role is to advise, guide and protect.

Page Group provides services globally but we are specialists at operating within Risk Countries and Emerging Markets. In these countries, the level of threat to our Clients is greater. As a result, we have developed the knowledge, resources and networks required to deliver highly effective protection in such environments.

We build long term Client relationships; you will always be able to liaise directly with the team working on your case and we strive to deliver a sustainable difference at a fair price.

What our service entails

We conduct a full review of potential threats which determines the investigations, security, surveillance and close protection needed to safeguard your assets and personnel. We then provide either a comprehensive package or address one issue as required.

Before your company establishes an operation in a foreign country, Page Group provides a vital initial Commercial Intelligence and Investigations service. Products such as a country risk analysis, due diligence on prospective local JV companies, background checks on local directors or those associated with a project and risk-quantifying information are all part of the crucial initial stage.

Following this we train expatriate and local staff in cultural, safety and security awareness for the assignment; this is termed Hostile Environment Awareness Training. Finally, we conduct security reviews of company assets on the ground and provide the requisite physical security, whether armed or unarmed.

Our team

Our team comprises of security professionals and investigators from a variety of backgrounds including police, military, intelligence, diplomatic services and investment banking. Page Group also draws upon a worldwide network of confidential associates to provide vital in-depth local source knowledge.

Our reputation in the security industry stems from our expertise at Executive Protection and currently managing a number of fully integrated contracts protecting European Commission Delegations overseas.

Our renown in investigations has been built on our ability to provide clients with knowledge critical to making the right business decisions, uncovering and interpreting complex information that is often not publicly available.

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Approach and ethos

Page Group aims to build long term client relationships and you will always be able to deal directly with the team working on your case. We strive to deliver a sustainable difference at a fair price.

Our commercial intelligence and investigations work is conducted within a legal framework and under strict ethical guidelines. Page Group has a commitment to discretion, transparency and accuracy. We work only with carefully selected sources to minimise the profile of an enquiry and protect confidentiality.

Our security and training contracts are undertaken by experienced and appropriately qualified personnel. They work with third country nationals and local guards who are employed in accordance with local labour laws and practices. Page Group trains its staff in specific cultural sensitivities as well as respecting and adhering to local customs and calendars.

Page Group is a member of the following organisations:

British Association of Private Security Companies

Council of International Investigators


IAIPSIG – International Association of Independent Public Sector Inspector General

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Where we Operate

Page Group operates routinely in the UK, Western Europe and the USA but we provide an enhanced service in Risk Countries and Emerging Markets. These countries pose a greater threat to our Clients in terms of physical, reputational and financial risk.

Page Group manages seven international offices in Hong Kong, UK, Afghanistan, West Bank/Gaza, Sri Lanka, Haiti, UAE/Dubai, giving us worldwide capability.

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